Woodworm Cricket Coaches Training / Fitness / Agility Set with Ladder, Tees, Cones and Hurdles

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For those committed to the pursuit of better, fitness cannot be ignored in cricket. Whether it’s a split second quicker run, an extra yard you cover to take a catch, or just the stamina to keep going longer than your opponent, fitness and agility make a huge impact on your game.

  • ALL IN ONE FITNESS/AGILITY/TRAINING SET – Kick off your team’s fitness with this all in one set with a carry bag
  • INCLUDED EQUIPMENT – 13ft ladder, 3 hurdles, 20 cones and 3 batting tees
  • FITNESS ROPE LADDER – Promotes speed, agility, and quick feet
  • AGILITY HURDLES – Stamina, quick bursting muscles, coordination all improve with use
  • CONES AND TEES – You know how cones work! And batting tees are perfect for that muscle memory, learning what great feels like so you can take it with you onto the field