Woodworm Cricket Fielding Coaching Practice Catching Bat

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I don’t know about you, but I used to hate fielding drills. Then along came the fielding bat. And all of a sudden, the ball went higher, came quicker, and the coach’s smile got bigger. Do I still hate fielding drills? Even more than I did before. But there’s no doubt, these make you a better fielder, and that’s what we practice for.

  • THE PRACTICE BAT THAT SENDS IT TO THE MOON - You know these! Rubber based bat that sends the thing miles into the air with minimal effort
  • PERFECT FOR PRACTICE - Whether it's high catches, sharp flat catches, or groundwork, this bat is a coach's dream. It's shorter and lighter so easier to use one handed with a mitt on the other, and absolutely pings it off the face
  • GRIP IT - Slip resistant rubber grip, helps keep it in your hand when you really welly it
  • SHORT AND LIGHT - Weighs approx 850g, under 2lbs