Woodworm Cricket Wand Flame Cricket Bat, Mens

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The Wand Flame gives you a solid bat at an impressive price. It’s made from Kashmir select willow which means you get incredible value - a perfect choice for middle to lower order batsmen, or those who play infrequently for a bit of fun. You’ve still got chunky edges, nice balance and our iconic carving, but it’s a cheaper bat.

  • GREAT VALUE LONG LASTING BAT - This Kashmir select willow bat gives you the best possible value mens cricket bat around
  • READY TO GO - Pre-pressed so it arrives ready to go, though we'd recommend knocking in
  • DELUXE GRIP - Provides optimum traction and comfort, even during long batting sessions
  • CHUNKY EDGES - Measuring at almost 4cm, there's a lot of wood behind this bat
  • ICONIC CARVE - Woodworm's iconic carved out edges removes weight from the top and lowers the centre of gravity, making it really fly out the middle.