Woodworm Cricket Wand Premier English Willow Cricket Bat, Ladies

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With the Wand Premier, we’ve tried to make the most of the cheaper grades of English Willow. It’s still English Willow, so you are getting an awesome middle and really nice feel, but we’ll be honest – Grade 5 isn’t the grade for county or elite premier league opening batsmen. If that’s you – go get yourself a Wand Select – that’s a good a bat as we can make. But for everyone else, this bat is an awesome choice. You’re not going to get quite as many comments in the dressing room, but you are going to get a quality, well balanced bat with a great middle for powerful this. You’ve still got the iconic shape, massive chunky edges, and overall a great piece of wood.

Designed and developed for lady cricketers, this bat is a little bit lighter and thinner, but still packs a thundering middle.

  • GREAT ALL ROUNDER - This English Willow (grade 5) gives you a great balance between quality and value. Perfect for those batters who step up when the team needs them
  • READY TO GO - Pre-pressed so it arrives ready to go, though we'd recommend knocking in
  • DELUXE GRIP - Provides optimum traction and comfort, even during long batting sessions
  • ICONIC CARVE - Woodworm's iconic carved out edges removes weight from the top and lowers the centre of gravity, making it fly out the middle.
  • SPEC - Height - 32.7", Blade - 21.9", Handle - 10.8", Width - 4.1", Weight - 1kgs / 2lb 6oz